Queen Tasha

Entrepreneur, Inventor, Professional Organizer, Event Planner, Content Creator, Web Designer, Author, Consultant, Coach, Community Leader, Dancer, Market Disrupter, Super Hero, and Professional Winner!

Queen Tasha's Story:

Greetings, beautiful souls! I am Queen Tasha, a multifaceted force of creativity, empowerment, and boundless exploration. Born in the vibrant city of Boston, MA, and raised in the heart of Germantown, MD, I am the eldest of five siblings, raised by a resilient single mother. Breaking barriers, I pursued higher education at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, where I became the first in my family to not only attend but graduate with a degree from college in Dance, a testament to my passion for self-expression.

Embarking on a quest to pursue dance in Atlanta, life had other plans, Like many millennials, I navigated various roles, with a significant stint in hospitality and corporate realms. An adventurous spirit led me to the high seas, working with Norwegian Cruise Lines in my early 20s marking my introduction to the world of travel and ignited the nomadic spirit within me. The realization of my innate nomadic nature led me to crisscross the U.S., residing in North Carolina, Atlanta, Houston, and finally, St. Pete, FL, all without ever renewing a lease.

A true millennial with a useless bachelor's degree, I have found myself charting a unique path. In my early 30s I penned my experiences into a self-published book, chronicling the challenges and triumphs of transitioning into adulthood. Now a proud published author of a book on Amazon.

Later inspired by the tiny house movement, I chose the RV lifestyle as a more affordable and reasonable option. This lifestyle allows me to freedom and flexibility to live life not tied to the system. As a solo black RV nomad for over five years now, I've journeyed in three RVs, including a vibrant purple one, accompanied by my two adorable chihuahua companions. I became part of the Black Nomad Bomb in my second year and found myself co-hosting the inaugural "Black Nomad Meetup" in 2021 and leading my first meetups & caravans with the Black Travel Tribe.

I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit, starting with the inception of my first business, Star Quality Organizing, a venture blending professional organizing, event planning, and consulting, and later seamlessly incorporating my RV lifestyle. Royal Armor Natural Products was inspired by my creation of my DIY deodorant, this was one of my first ventures to become financially location-independent in RV life. QT Digital Designs, my freelance web and content creation business, showcased my creativity in the digital realm. Currently on hiatus, it remains a testament to my creative prowess. I balance my entrepreneurial pursuits with gig economy hustles, I navigate platforms like Instacart, Shipt, TaskRabbit, and Instawork. My empire is a testament to my limitless potential, encapsulating all my ventures under one empowering umbrella.

In my pursuit of a sustainable and flexible lifestyle and driven by a desire for innovation, I recently founded the Royal Poo Company, introducing the groundbreaking Eco Throne composting toilet. Rooted in my commitment to environmental consciousness, this invention aligns with my vision of a nomadic, eco-friendly existence.

A spiritual enthusiast, I draw inspiration from ancient traditions, connecting with the energies of Egypt and Yoruba. Yemeya, the goddess of the ocean, holds a special place in my heart, guiding my journey with wisdom and grace. Surrounded by the regal hue of purple, symbolizing abundance, royalty, and power, I embody the essence of a Queen. My purpose is to inspire, create, and serve the collective, leaving behind a legacy that echoes the limitless potential within us all. Join me on this extraordinary journey as I navigate the seas of life, fearlessly and unapologetically living a royal mindset.

Welcome to the realm of Queen Tasha where every step is a testament to the royalty within us all. ! 👑✨