Brief Description of Businesses:

  1. Queen Tasha TV: A YouTube channel with over 8000 subscribers, which is a platform that showcases a variety of content, reflecting the diverse interests and talents of Queen Tasha, from entrepreneurship insights to Travel and RV lifestyle vlogs.

  2. Royal Poo Company: The inventor of the Eco Throne, a waterless composting toilet set to launch in April 2024. The Royal Poo Company is committed to providing sustainable bathroom solutions that contribute to a greener future.

  3. Black Travel Tribe: A community fostering connections among black nomads, providing travel tips, fostering meetups, and a platform for encouraging exploration and breaking stereotypes.

  4. Royal Armor Natural Products: Sharing the discovery of creating DIY health and beauty products, with a flagship natural deodorant, Royal Armor aims to promote self-care using natural ingredients. (Under Shop Tab)

  5. High Moments Podcast: A stoner podcast hosted by Queen Tasha, where deep or humorous thoughts on random topics are explored, creating a space cannabis conicssuerers

  6. Crowned Consulting (Formerly Star Quality Organizing): Specializing in RV and home organizing and consulting, this business helps clients declutter and organize their spaces and prepare for a new life ahead.

Upcoming Business Ventures (Investors Welcome)
  1. Roam2Gether: An upcoming platform designed to connect black nomads on wheels, providing a space for like-minded individuals to build meaningful connections while navigating life on the move. (Sign up for Beta Testing)

  2. Casa de Reinas: A cooperative venture providing opportunities for individuals to invest in and share land in Mexico, creating a community centered around shared values and experiences. The land will serve as a homestead homebase and a hospitality income source.

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