January Reflections

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Queen Tasha

1/28/20243 min read

January Recap:

Greetings friends and family,

As we bid adieu to January and welcome February with open arms, I find myself reflecting on the past month's journey. Physically, I've been navigating some digestive issues, but I'm diligently working on rebalancing my gut health, albeit with the unfortunate side effect of an acne breakout. Put on a few LBs from lack of motivation to work out in the cold but I have plans to get back into movement. Mentally, I've been weathering the winter blues with resilience and self-awareness, finding solace in solitude. Spiritually, I sense my soul yearning for another break, a rejuvenating pause amidst life's hustle. I would like to plan a vacation or bae-cation ASAP!

Despite the challenges, January reaffirmed my belief that "Things are always working out for Me." The bitter cold tested my endurance, and constantly questioned my decision to choose Texas over Florida, but I emerged stronger, ready to embrace the opportunities of the new month and remember my purposes for this part of the journey.

February Goals:

Looking ahead, February holds promises of growth and renewal. I'm eager to step out of my shell and embrace social interactions, engaging in deeper self-reflection and setting ambitious goals. I'm wrapping up my vision journal, adding detailed action plans for each goal, and envisioning the person I'll become once I align with my aspirations.

Personal Updates:

I recently visited the Thousand Trails in Columbus Texas, where I endured the freezing temperature cold front that came through and I found it disappointing, the lack of amenities and odd policies than I am not used to, on top of that the town is dead, so I can't work here, so I'll be returning to the Lake Conroe location in Willis Texas after my next beach week. I can camp on the beach for free in Texas (that's the main reason I'm here.lol) I went to Magnolia Beach for my first visit and it was really pleasant, for my next beach week, I plan to go over to the beaches near Freeport Texas.

In the realm of culinary exploration, I've embarked on the art of sourdough bread-making, discovering the unexpected hustle of acquiring a sourdough starter on Facebook Marketplace. Meanwhile, my RV renovations await attention, with exterior updates and appliance repairs topping the to-do list. Your support and donations are always appreciated!

Dude and Daria, my hilarious canine companions, continue to brighten my days with their antics. Despite their size difference, they're both thriving. As they approach their second birthday in March, I marvel at their unique personalities. While Dude braves the cold with stoic resolve, Daria is protesting winter's chill. insists on indoor comforts, which I'm not mad at.

Still navigating the tumultuous seas of dating apps, I plan to become more socially active in Q2 while keeping an eye out for a potential mate. I remain optimistic about finding a partner to share life's adventures. Your matchmaking skills are most welcome! See FAQ

Professional Updates:

Exciting news on the business front: the prototype for my Eco Throne is now in production, with an expected delivery in early April. I'm gearing up to officially launch my business on April 22, 2024, Earth Day. With a soft launch on social media in late March. Currently, I'm strategizing for fundraising, including writing my first grant and planning a crowdfunding campaign. I'm poised to make a meaningful impact in the realm of sustainable living in 2024.

Lastly, I've been busy updating my websites, Queentashasempire.com and blacktraveltribe.org, and writing numerous blogs with the help of AI. I have a goal to be very artistically and creatively expressive in all areas of my life this year, But also to grow each of my passion business endeavors to the next level.

In closing, I extend my gratitude for your unwavering support and encouragement. Here's to a February filled with growth, laughter, and boundless possibilities.