June Recap and July Goals: Zipping Through Summer in Colorado

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Queen Tasha

6/29/20244 min read

June Recap: Zooming Through Summer

Can you believe it? June has raced by, marking two months of my summer adventure in Colorado. It's like the Earth is in a hurry! My volunteering gig at the park is going strong, despite the small-town delivery hiccups. Thankfully, Amazon has become my lifeline, swooping in to save the day.

I kicked off the month with a seven-day Pilates challenge, determined to keep myself both inspired and active. As for food, I've perfected the art of the first-time customer discount with delivery services. Misfits Market and Hungryroot have been lifesavers. Misfits offers a great range of organic groceries, with easy refunds for any unsatisfactory items. Hungryroot, on the other hand, combines meal prep and groceries, saving my brain from dinner decisions. HelloFresh was tasty, but let’s just say it left me with the bubble guts. I also have a

Switching gears to my furry companions, The Farmer’s Dog food delivery was met with mild enthusiasm—they ate it, but with hesitation. We’ve since transitioned to Ollie, and while they seem more eager, the process is still slow. Adding rice to Dude’s sensitive stomach has helped. This meal-delivery strategy for both me and my pups has been a game-changer: less waste, more convenience, and fewer meal prep headaches.

Garden update: things are finally starting to happen! The store-bought tomato plants are the only ones showing promise for now. My over-enthusiastic anticipation of the watermelon seed sprouting led to overcrowding as they all started sprouting at different times. I thinned them out, but I might have accidentally thinned a few too many. On the bright side, my cannabis seeds sprouted, and I've got 3 strong plants out of 20 seeds. If at least 1 survives until I can smoke it, I'll consider it a gardening triumph!

I'm currently working on maintaining consistency on social media to strengthen my brand. However, it's challenging because it seems like the algorithm has a strong hold on my content distribution. It's crazy to me that on social media, we're competing for attention against an algorithm rather than our real followers. To improve my online presence and increase my influence, I recently comitted to joining my old friend Sky Cowans' Soul Creator Course, as a Founding Member, which is being graciously funded by my business partner, because this will also benefit Royal Poo Company when I learn how to monetize the digital space in a conscientious way. I'm hopeful that this will help reignite my online momentum and inspiration to share my story and creativity with the world.

I can't wait to get my hands on the prototype for the Eco Throne project, hopefully, it'll be shipped next week. But I have to say, I'm pretty fed up with my engineering team. I've started talking to a new manufacturer in China to get rid of the uncommunicative third party for the next phase of this mission. As for our fundraising and marketing campaigns, we've put them on hold for now. We're looking into hiring pros to take over and run the campaigns properly and checking out SBA and grant options to fund a decent marketing budget.

July Goals: Embracing New Adventures

I'm currently finalizing plans for my birthday and the upcoming fall/winter seasons. While I'd love to visit Mexico, it might remain a dream due to my project commitments and financial preparation. I'm considering heading to Southern Arizona in the fall because it's a marijuana recreational legal state, which means easy access and budget friendliness. Additionally, it's close to the Nogales Mexico border crossing for when I'm ready to go. I'm not a fan of Arizona in the winter because it's too cold for me, but I'm hoping some opportunities come up to make it more bearable. I'm planning to sign up for housesitting and other work camping opportunities. If nothing works out, I might head down to the beach in Texas and camp out for the winter. All I need is a few solar panels, and I'll be happy.

I've been making some extra cash using the dscout app - about $865 from doing focus group missions and personal surveys so far. I've also been trying out these play-to-earn game apps, testing different games. I'll let you know next month how much I've earned and which ones are worth it. I'm really enjoying this game app called Garden Joy - designing and landscaping different sceneries is so fun. I've got lots of cute design ideas for when I eventually settle down. Unfortunately, my current hotspot can't handle the Hotel Planner reservations gig, so I might need to upgrade. But I'm thinking I might have a backup spot at the maintenance office - I'll see if that improves my connection and motivation.

In July, I'm all about diving into this eight-week Soul Creator Course to grow my brand online. I'll be hustling to promote my products and services, and your support by picking up some merch in my Shop or using my Amazon link would be awesome. Even if you don't buy the linked item, it still helps! If you're feeling extra generous, CashApp or Zelle donations are hugely appreciated! I'm super excited to get outdoors more and make the most of the summer. I'm planning to go fishing for dinner and get out on the lake, either with my blow-up kayak, raft, or one of the pontoon boats. Just looking forward to enjoying the great outdoors!

Here’s to an exciting July filled with growth and new adventures!