Tasha's Monthly Life Update: March Madness Edition

Work, Pups, and Personal Victories


Queen Tasha

3/31/20243 min read

i am a good girl i am a good girl
i am a good girl i am a good girl

Hey there, lovely souls!

Welcome to another edition of my monthly life update – the March edition is here. It has been a whirlwind of work, work, work, echoing Rihanna's iconic anthem. Let's dive into the madness and magic that unfolded over the past month, shall we?

March Recap:

I've been hustling hard to crush my 1st quarter business goals. From applying for grants updating websites, and creating business foundation aspects it's been a non-stop grind. Balancing my entrepreneurial dreams with the gig economy hitting the streets 3-4 days a week, juggling Instacart and Shipt gigs like a pro.s, but hey, gotta pay those bills, right?

Meanwhile, the pups celebrated their second birthdays, still accepting donations for treats and grooming. Daria hit a growth spurt, outgrowing her harness in record time. Added to Amazon save for late. And let's not even talk about their overdue nail trims – a task I keep procrastinating on. But hey, we'll get there!

One highlight of the month was my blissful escape to the woods of the Sam Houston National Forest. Unplugged and unbothered, I got to put my bare feet on the earth and recharge, it was a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life in the RV Park. Ah, the joys of Texas – where camping is free, no questions asked, is undoubtedly one of its finest perks. It was a much-needed recharge for the soul.

On the RV front, I finally bid adieu to my temperamental RV fridge and welcomed a vintage Brazilian-made residential fridge into my life thanks to FaceBook Marketplace. Propane savings and chilled beverages? Count me in. And while I'm at it, there are still plenty of projects awaiting my DIY prowess.

On the personal front, I finally completed my vision journal – printed and bound through Canva, It's a thing of beauty, and I've already begun weaving its wisdom into my daily routine.

In the realm of wellness, I embarked on my second monthly 48-hour water fast, this time experimenting with the master cleanse recipe. Shoutout to my holistic nutritionist for the recommendation! And let's not forget movement, I have been having solo dance parties in the morning, grooving to the infectious beats of Queen Herby on Amazon Music. Trust me, it's a VIBE. I also set up the portable ballet barre I scored and started reminiscing with movements I once knew.

April Goals:

As we usher in April, I'm gearing up for some exciting adventures. First on the agenda? Finalizing plans for my road trip to Colorado, coinciding with the launch date of the Royal Poo Company crowdfunding campaign on April 22.

Link to Campaign: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/royal-poo-company-sustainable-bathroom-solutions/coming_soon/x/37045820

And speaking of travel, I'm considering selling the car and tow dolly to embrace a car-free lifestyle once again – hello, e-bike or motorbike! This 14-day road trip to Colorado is going to be just what I need for my nomadic spirit, I'm still accepting passengers as co-pilots or fellow nomads to caravan to join me on this epic adventure.

But wait, there's more! I'm making a triumphant return to YouTube, sharing RV updates, vision journal insights, music videos, and an Earth Day special on humanure. Plus, I'm stacking up those coins for a smooth transition from gig economy to work-from-home hustle, while I am posted up for the summer volunteering at the Navajo State Park in Colorado. with hopes that a few micro-grants will come through that I have been applying for over the last few months as well as kind-hearted donors from family and friends.

That's all for now, folks! Stay fabulous, stay inspired, and let's make April our best month yet.

Peace & Blessing

Queen Tasha