Frequently Asked Questions

What's your name?

The government calls me Latasha Monique Wharton

My friends and family call me Tasha

Everyone else calls me Queen Tasha

Why do you call yourself "Queen Tasha"?

I believe a Queen commands respect, owns her power and is a natural-born leader. Queen Tasha is the physical representation of my highest self.

How old are you?

39 Years Old and Fabulous,

"Xennials" Generation (on the cusp of when Gen X-ers and Millennials meet)

80s baby

What are your signs?

Leo - Sun

Gemini- Moon

Pisces -Rising

Are you Single?


Happily Single but ready to Mingle!

I'm Polyamorous, Bi-Sexual, & Sapiosexual

Recipe to Love Me

Quality Time is my primary love language so spending time with me doing the most and doing nothing is how I feel the most loved. I love to cook so be prepared to Eat, as long as you are willing to clean up and do the dishes afterward. This is important to me. Getting to the next level with me requires deep and long conversations, Open communication is a huge part of how I feel secure and safe and feeds my sapiosexual side. I am a giver/ people pleaser so allowing me to be dominant and tend to your needs is important to form connections and bonds. To keep it simple, make me laugh, eat snacks with me, while we travel the world smoking weed and I will love you forever.